Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flying Tomato Brothers Tragedy

Sepi, the eldest of the Flying Tomato Brothers fell to his death yesterday.
Services will be held Sunday at the Westside Market.
The family asks in lieu of flowers that donations be made to the Tomato Insurance Institute.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rorschach Spatter

Here's a real test of "seeing things".
In this combination of burnt BBQ sauce and chicken fat you could see a schnauzer, a monkey face and a pigs face.
I see the schnauzer playing a piano.

Oh, the chicken was dee-lish.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Crazy Eyes Husky

Check out the eyes on the Husky!
What is he thinking?
Click to enlarge.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Dog Days in Las Cruces.
This is Kato, one of Anonymous NM Bill's two wonder dogs.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Antelope Cloud

Aside from being an outstanding photograph from Anonymous NM Bill, the cloud formation 
looks quite like an antique cave painting of an antelope.
This image has magnificent detail. Click the image to enlarge.
Bill writes that scenes like this only last a couple minutes due to rapidly changing lighting.

Example of cave art.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blue Heron II

Just like the jogger told me, "He shows up almost every day."
This photo was taken last Saturday just around the bend where yesterday's doe was photographed.
Click the image for greater detail.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nature Walk VI

Whitetail Deer
Although, technically not at the Rocky River Nature Center but still in the park, this doe wasn't more 
than 15-feet from the road in a wide open meadow.
Apparently uninterested in the cars whizzing by and the occasional photographers, it meandered across the meadow 
enjoying some "really good grass". (LOL)

Click the images to enlarge.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Nature Walk V

Painted Turtle
These turtles seemed to be everywhere there was a log to bask in the sun on.
This one also saw my camera and said, "Hey, you looking at me?"
Click the image to enlarge.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nature Walk IV

Dragonfly, Common Whitetail
Photographed from the same spot as the Frog In The Bog these insects are considered beneficial because they eat 
pest insects like mosquitos and their larvae.
They are abundant throughout North America.

Click the images to enlarge, (There's great detail in these photos)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nature Walk III

Frog In The Bog
I came across a group of visitors pointing to the bog and asked them what do they see.
This was one of many frogs poking their heads out.
Click the image to enlarge.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nature Walk II

Pilelated Woodpecker
As I walked through a forested path, this beautiful woodpecker landed in front of me just overhead. I think it saw my camera and said, "Hey, shoot me!"
This particular woodpecker is quite large - about as big as a crow!
Click the image to enlarge.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Nature Walk I

Community Log
Last July when the family was visiting, we stopped at the Rocky River Nature Center in North Olmstead in the 
Cleveland Area Metroparks System.
We looked at the exhibits inside the building and then went on our way.
I went for another visit afterwards and discovered that there are 5-miles of paths and vista points behind the building.
The reserve was lush with mammals, birds, reptiles and insects to photograph.
In this first of a series, I found these ducklings and painted turtles sharing a partially sunken log in the marsh.
Click the image to enlarge.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Parking Meter

Phyllis Diller? 
"AH-HA-HA! Where's Fang?"

There's a website called Worth1000 that has numerous contests for Photoshop manipulations. One recent one was to do something with an image of a parking meter. I downloaded it and went to work. But this morning I found out that the entry deadline had passed. They were now only open for voting on the submissions. (Dang) "I coulda been a contender..."

Visit the site. Tell me what you think of the other entries.
Original Image

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Panini Lizard

A lizard that looks like a half eaten panini!
Looks like snow crab and swiss with roasted garlic mayonnaise on a ciabatta roll.

Photo courtesy of Anonymous NM Bill

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Panini Chipmunk

Who could resist this cute little guy made of grilled salmon, port salut, fresh tomato and basil on Italian bread? Num!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Super Thinker

"Damn, I know that formula for isosceles triangles - it'll come to me."

Scotty: "I think she's gonna blow, Captain!"

Friday, August 5, 2011

Blue Heron

Ever since I saw a hawk and a wild turkey down in our Valley last July, 
I've made a daily drive through the park with my camera in hopes of getting some shots of these birds.
Until yesterday, I had no sightings of anything except a bunch of ground hogs.
But, on my way home I spotted this beautiful Blue Heron on the opposite bank of the river.
A jogger told me that it shows up almost every day. 
It took to flight when I got too close. But maybe I'll see him or her another day.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Smiley Tomato - Or Cheshire Core

I was chopping tomatoes for a salsa when this little gnome appeared in one of the cores.
He granted me only one wish and I screwed it up pretty bad.
Now I have to find out where I can get size 14 shoes...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Cactus Caveman

Looking a bit Neanderthal, this skeleton of a hedgehog cactus is actually quite attractive in full bloom.

Photos submitted by "Anonymous" (NM Bill).