Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flying Tomato Brothers Tragedy

Sepi, the eldest of the Flying Tomato Brothers fell to his death yesterday.
Services will be held Sunday at the Westside Market.
The family asks in lieu of flowers that donations be made to the Tomato Insurance Institute.


Mike Litvin said...

Give my best regards to the Flying Tomato Brothers on the loss of their loved one.
My donation at this time cannot be money but I do have an over abundance of tomato seeds that will be donated to the Tomato Insurance Institute for the growing of more Flying Tomato Brothers.
May God Speed
When will the act get together again?

Anonymous said...

You failed to mention the wake...where everybody gets sauced.


Mike Litvin said...

Wonder if Bloodly Marys will be served at the wake?

Gianni said...

Getting sauced with bloody marys... It's only respectful.

I understand that a couple of young cherry tomatoes are in training but probably won't perform until they become heirlooms.

I drank some V-8 in the family's honor.