Monday, August 15, 2011

Nature Walk I

Community Log
Last July when the family was visiting, we stopped at the Rocky River Nature Center in North Olmstead in the 
Cleveland Area Metroparks System.
We looked at the exhibits inside the building and then went on our way.
I went for another visit afterwards and discovered that there are 5-miles of paths and vista points behind the building.
The reserve was lush with mammals, birds, reptiles and insects to photograph.
In this first of a series, I found these ducklings and painted turtles sharing a partially sunken log in the marsh.
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Mike Litvin said...

The turtle is looking forward while the ducks are looking left and right.
Is that what you call looking out for people how have cameras?

Gianni said...

Everybody wants to be a star!

Mike Litvin said...

I got it...........In the animal world this is called walking the log, while in Hollywood it's called walking the Red Carpet.