Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Second Story Chipmunk

This little dude (or Dudette) is two stories up in the pine tree! Personally, I've never seen a chipmunk climb a tree. I see them scurrying on the ground and diving under rocks on their way to their secret passage ways. To me this is unusual. What a great lookout post!


minerva mouse said...

we have two chipmunks that like to visit the backyard feeder - generally they are on the ground, but one of them will run up the 6 foot fence, run along the top of the fence and move over and down a tree.

they might not be as acrobatic as their squirrel cousins, but they can get around!

Mike Litvin said...

He's keeping an eye on Mrs Robinson and Family.

Anonymous said...

"This little dude (or Dudette)...".

I think you've got to lift their tails to know for sure.

-- NM Bill