Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pretty Birdies

I heard some rustling around the door to my back porch. These little guys were hanging onto the vines on the side of the house, not more than a few inches from the door. Eventually, they caught a glimpse of me and took off for the tree outside the porch.



Mike Litvin said...

Pretty bird, but what kind is it?

Gianni said...

Yellow Finch.

I'm not certain but I think one's a male and the other is a female. Notice the black on top of one's head but not on the other.

Mike Litvin said...

Thank You Bird Man

minerva mouse said...

beautiful goldfinches and great pics....they are visiting my backyard feeder these days.

more exciting are the small colorful warblers who seem to be enjoying the 'flower' of the oak that i can see when i sit at the computer! however, they are too small and i'm too far away to get a good snap.