Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Force Against Nature

That's "Mama Gianni" down below sweeping away last season's maple spinners. Judging from the photo on the right, this season will be no exception.

She's been at it for about 20-minutes now. I got down there and took care of the rest in 10-minutes with my leaf blower.


minerva mouse said...

i go with mama g's gentle, quiet method!

can't understand the attraction of leaf blowers - i view them as a scourge on our senses and tranquility!

when i was visiting my ma earlier this month i saw a woman with an outside vacuum - sucking up tree debris - just one more means of noise pollution and another way to drive up the electric bill.

Mike Litvin said...

Gianni did you give Mama Gianni any bottle water after she was done? A person gets thirsty sweeping leaves.

Gianni said...


When the spinners fall, come over with your rake and some bags and help Mama out....