Friday, March 4, 2011

Worth A Thousand Words

The Brothers Sezenoff and Helper circa 1970, Lakewood Ohio
An abandoned service station converted into Lakewood's first drive-thru beverage store.


Mike Litvin said...

I see the beers they had two of them are out of business.

Google Duke beer, It's on the come back.

Hey Mable Black Label. Lets see how many people know that saying.

Did they have POC?
Quiz of the day What did POC stand for?
John your not allowed to answer.

Gianni said...

There are a number of versions of what POC stands for. One I remember was relative to how awful the beer was...

RandyNose said...

Mike, Considering the number of Brewery's this country has had, it shouldn't be a surprise that some of them are gone. - There's been over 100 Motorcycle companies, and even more brewery's over the years. WWII killed a lot of those business's off.