Monday, March 28, 2011

The Bell Pepper Dress

Exclusively designed by Amelia M.

This stunning evening gown, modeled by Leggy Lana, is an exclusive design available only from the Lakewood design house, Nature's Bin.

Oversized satin puffs simulate the seeds of this organically designed attire and suggest reproduction and fruitfulness in nature. The high shoulders represent a core structure and a commanding look.

Whether it's an evening at the opera, a romantic dinner for two or shopping at the Farmer's Market, the lady who dons this one-of-a-kind fashion will be envied for her style and taste. Especially when sauteed with onions, red wine and hot Italian sausage. 


Mike Litvin said...

Looks like she is wearing a oversize Red Tie with a Winsor knot.

Gianni said...

I remember tying double Windsors. It looked like a cobra was biting your neck!

f8hasit said...

Thanks sooo much for dedicating the "Bell Pepper Dress" to me, Amelia. I really do think that the dress is just stunning, I mean sirriously, that dress is freakin' awesome!! Thank ya'!!

Gianni said...

My Pleasure. See you at the prom?