Monday, March 7, 2011

Holy Snow Drift, Batman!

Amazing how wind affects the snow. The front of this drift is about 24-inches deep. Yet on the backside, it is only about 6-inches deep. And around the corner in between the houses, there's almost no snow at all!

Here's another example of a drift from a different storm where some of the apron was left completely bare!

Lucky for me that I have a snow thrower. What would have taken 4-5 hours to shovel, I cleared in about 45-minutes!


Mike Litvin said...

That extention to the left of your garage looks like it has something to do with the way snow drifts or I'm I "Seeing Things"?

Gianni said...

That's a defunct greenhouse my father built over 45 years ago. What is interesting is the snow on the top of it gets to be too heavy and then falls off like an avalanche.

There are steps going down to the backyard but the snow that keeps falling off gets to be over four feet deep, making the yard inaccessible until Spring!

In the fall, the leaves end up in the same place as the snow in front of the garage.

RandyNose said...

You ought to see the drifts they get in Wyoming!