Monday, March 4, 2013

Where Is The Detroit Theater?

A Lakewood landmark closed and gone, replaced by a McDonalds.
When I was a kid I saw "Earth VS. The Flying Saucers"
and Steve McQueen in "The Blob" here.

Now, it's a McDonalds (I refuse to call it a restaurant)

But, where is the Detroit Theater now?
If you happen to drive down Riverside Drive and Franklin Avenue
you can see its remnants on the porch at the home
of the publisher of The Lakewood Observer.

Perhaps he'll tell us how he came to collect this landmark sign?


Mike Litvin said...

Now I understand why Mike and Frank from American Pickers go out and buy old signs.
For me it was watching Goldfinger in the front row, never sat in the front row again.

Gianni said...

I sat in the front row for "Jaws". Won't do that again!