Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pretty Birdies II

I took many photos of this brightly colored Cardinal but this is the only one that came out.
He moved around pretty quick!
I was sitting under my patio umbrella and unbeknownst to him, he was going to land on the back of one of my chairs.
He got within 3-feet of me and as soon as he saw "human" he darted back out.
But the Birdman of Lakewoodtraz doesn't give up!


Mike Litvin said...

you'd the Birdman of Lakewoodtraz but without bars and water around.

Gianni said...

Oh but Mike, there's plenty of bars in Lakewood and we're close to the water.

Remember, our nickname is: "Liquorwood". A bar on every corner!

Mike Litvin said...

I stand corrected.

Mike Litvin said...

A bar on every corner what a brilliant idea they should have that here in Dallas Tx but there is a certain group that wouldn't allow it. This group doesn't drink but after every picnic there is a race to 7 / 11 to buy a 12 pack of your Adult beverage.