Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Time Capsule

While searching through my archives, I came across this photo of Gianni777s in his San Francisco apartment, circa 1976. It's Christmas time and the artist is in his studio. Leather jackets, bell bottom pants and Dirty Harry movies were in vogue. High collar shirts and neckties that looked like a cobra was biting your neck! Notice the rotary dial telephone. Slick.


Mike Litvin said...

Let's get down and boogie to that disco beat.

Gianni said...

You know, back then there were 33rpm records with only one cut on each side of disco music. The music was one song that lasted the entire side!

Maybe a collectors item if I could ever find it!

Do you suppose the guys with the backwards baseball caps know what a record was?

minerva mouse said...

nice threads!!

what a cutie patootie!!

Gianni said...

Thanks, Sweetie! That's a 28-inch waist yer looking at.

If I had to put that outfit on now, I'd bust out of it like the Hulk!