Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fishing In The Aluminum Ocean

Went deep sea fishing in the Aluminum Ocean and caught this Foil Fish! He's 18-inches and weighs about 10 pounds.

Notice the tiny razor like teeth and the large scoop like mouth. The Foil Fish is a bottom feeder and can devour as many as a 6-pack of discarded cans on the ocean floor in a matter of minutes.

The Foil Fish isn't good eating but it contributes to the Ecology by being completely recyclable!


Mike Litvin said...

I've eaten those fish they play hell with fillings in the teeth, had to stop.
When fishing for said fish you need several different size cans in your tackle box. I have found the 24 oz works best. In the Silver bullet color.

When fishing for the smaller ones the 6oz works very well.

Tell me O great one do they have Foil Fish Tournaments?

Gianni said...

No, too many sharp edges. Besides, the boat gets weighed down pretty quick.

Babs said...

Nah.....aluminum is light. :)