Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Best Logo Ever

I was driving down the freeway in San Jose, California stuck in a traffic jam when a truck pulled past me with this logo on the side. I thought it was so cool, I tried to catch up with it to get the phone number. I wanted to see if they had aprons or T-shits for sale.

I was in the fast lane, which you know if you've ever driven in rush hour traffic,  that it goes slower than the other lanes. I never caught up with that truck.

A year later, I saw their truck again and this time I got the phone number. When I called, they said I could purchase a shirt. I told them my story about trying to catch up with the truck over a year ago, and out of generosity, they gave me the shirt at no charge. I love the shirt. I like nice people.


Mike Litvin said...

Cool Story

minerva mouse said...

nice people are absolutely the best ever.

is that cow eating barbecue chicken?