Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crystal Caves

The Crystal Caves of Bermuda are fascinating to say the least. Look at the size of the people compared to the crystals. Located 80 feet below ground, the highlight to any visitor is a walk on a wooden bridge over the underground Cahow Lake with crystal clear, perfectly still waters. One can see all the way to the bottom 20 meters down. More information can be found here.


Mike Litvin said...

John is that you in the center or I'm I SEEING THINGS.
Very nice but not for this sole to be under ground

Gianni said...

Me neither! I saw another crystal cave story where it was so hot below, they could only be down there ten minutes at a time. And they had to insulate their cameras and wipe the lenses before each picture.

Whadda ya expect? They're getting closer to hell!

Babs said...

Until I read the description I didn't even see the people. Then I really saw the crystal in a different light!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this picture from the Crystal Caves in Mexico? I don't think this is the one in Bermuda

Oscar Pedersen said...

Hi i am working on a school project.
i would really like to now more about how the crystals have been made