Monday, December 10, 2012

Harding Junior High School

I was just thinking of my old Alma Mater. This was taken just days before it was demolished.

And this one shows it mostly gone.
A new school was built on the opposite side of the block where Madison Elementary school used to be.


Mike Litvin said...

Many memoirs in that Building. Woodshop, Typing Class, and John you have to remember Mr. Russell. Remember he always had the cigar clipper in his hand, and gave that mean look to everyone. Bless her soul, our typing teacher Miss Chismartin (I think that is the way it's spelled).

Gianni said...

I remember all of the above. I met a contractor who also went to Harding in the 80's. He had Miss Kishmartin, too. But he said she was mean. She was always nice to us.

Being next door, I see today's kids going to and from school. What a difference. We had to wear dress shirts and slacks - no jeans! And the girls all wore skirts or dresses.

Not today! Shorts and T-shirts on the guys and jeans and T's on the gals.

There's a word that's been taken out of their dictionary: Discipline.

Mike Litvin said...

John that's called progress. My Daughter never wore a dress to school.
If you ever showed up for school wearing jeans your ass was sent back home to change.

Anonymous said...

I never wore a dress to school either.


Mike Litvin said...

I did one day but got sent home.