Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Face In The Clouds

To each his own on this one.
I see Aeolus, God of The Wind. And after many squints, I see a lion, a boar and many more.
What do you see?
(I know Anonymous, NM Bill is going to see a can of Pepsi with June Cleaver on it...)
WAIT! Now I see a laughing rabbit prancing with a head of lettuce.
I see the doctor tomorrow.

Juno Asking Aeolus To Release The Winds:

 Painting By Francois Boucher Kimbell


Mike Litvin said...

He's looking for a seat in the front yard to watch TV with someone.

Gianni said...

He should come by at 10:00 to watch Nadia's Bitchin Kitchen! I'll have some carrots ready.

Anonymous said...

I see a U-2 at about 65,000 feet in the upper left corner. Surveillance on two known Taliban ducks, I'm told.


Mike Litvin said...

Those ducks are in Lakewood Ohio, I heard thru the grapevine that a person reaaly wants to have peking duck, so this person is luring them into his backyard.

For people out there this is a joke so you don't have to write in.

Gianni said...

Oop! Der' it iz!

Suicide ducks!