Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lemon Fish

This puffy vertebrate characterized by its face resembling a sunburst, glides through very cold fresh water
and can easily be caught by adding sugar to the water.
Although bitter tasting on its own, the sugar and a little ice makes a delectable
and refreshing drink, especially during the hot summer months. 


Mike Litvin said...

What's the drink called? Sounds very good.

Gianni said...

It goes by many names but the most common is "Lemonade".

Anonymous said...

Remember this guy from last year's office party.

Mike Litvin said...

Who in the World would have thought of a drink like that. I did some research on the drink and here is what I come up with.

The French word limonade, which originally meant an unsweetened lemon-flavored water or carbonated soda, has since come to mean "soft drink", regardless of flavor, in many countries.

In the UK, the suffix '-ade' means a 'carbonated sweet soft drink'; hence limeade, orangeade, cherryade, etc. Brown lemonade exists in the Northern Ireland region of the UK.

In the Republic of Ireland, lemonade refers to the carbonated, lemon-flavored soft drink (as in the UK) but is further sub-divided into white (clear) lemonade and red lemonade. White lemonade equates to the colourless fizzy lemonade common in many countries, while red lemonade is particular to Ireland. Red lemonade differs slightly in taste from white lemonade and is either drunk neat or as part of a whiskey mixer.

American-style lemonade exists in the UK as a "homemade" juice (also called lemonade), but is only rarely sold commercially under that name. A carbonated version is commonly sold commercially as "cloudy" or "traditional" lemonade. There are also similar uncarbonated products, lemon squash and lemon barley water, both of which are usually sold as a syrup which is diluted to taste. Traditional lemonade also comes in powder packages. Variations on this form of lemonade can be found worldwide. In India and Pakistan, where it is commonly known as limbu paani or nimbu paani, lemonade may also contain salt and/or ginger juice. Shikanjvi is a traditional lemonade from the India-Pakistan region and can also be flavored with saffron, garlic and cumin.

In Australia and New Zealand, lemonade can also refer to any clear, carbonated soft drink with a primarily lemon flavor; e.g. a lemon-lime soft drink, such as Sprite. Culturally however, with a drink such as Sprite, the flavor is not recognised as "lemon-lime", but just plain "lemonade", although it is still the same flavor as its international counterpart. Other colored (and flavored) soft drinks are sometimes referred to by their color such as "red lemonade" or "green lemonade", implying that "lemonade" is the clear version of its "flavored" counterparts.

Gianni said...

Mike L.! Do you have an extended keyboard? Then you know which "F" key you pressed...