Monday, June 13, 2011

Tiger Kitty

Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
I tried to coax this kitty to come to me but it remained uncertain of my intentions. Pretty Kitty!
I'm told this is a "snowshoe" cat. All four paws are white.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

perhaps the lady in this video can coax the kitty out - she really seems to love cats!

Mike Litvin said...

He was looking for those little lawn surfers in your backyard.

Gianni said...

That eHarmony video is sure making the rounds. I got it from my bud in New Mexico and could not watch more than 30-seconds. Mike, check it out if you dare.

With gay marriages now acceptable, I think she should be allowed to marry a cat!

Mike Litvin said...

I will pass on the chick that loves cats. She needs to get a life.
Your right John 30 seconds is all I could take.
My two cats watched the video and both said yes, she should marry a cat.