Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Giant Tomato Maze

It's a jungle out there!
I've picked over 36 tomatoes this week! Made excellent pasta sauce.
I decided to make a game out of these tomatoes.
I call it the Giant Tomato Maze. The object is to carry two meatballs from the cutting board, through the tomato maze without getting stuck, then through the sink with running water and onto the hot stove where 
you have to drop them into the pot of sauce without getting burned.
If you make it through the maze and get the meatballs into the pot, you score points! 

Click to enlarge!


Mike Litvin said...
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Mike Litvin said...

Lets try this again
That's Funny

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean THREE meatballs?


Gianni said...

"You get no bread with one meatball."
Johnny Carson