Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn Leaves

"It's happening..."
Friday, the 23rd marked the beginning of Autumn.
My drives through the Valley show leaves just beginning to turn colors.
The best time to see the fall colors is the second week of October.


Mike Litvin said...

The wonderful site of fall colors brings in the Autumn air to the Lakewood and surrounding areas. Overlooking the Valley with all the gorgeous colors that are brought on with the changing of the leaves. Taking those wonderful walks in the Valley, taking pictures, waiting for Thanksgiving to cook the Turkey. Just think that in a few months the wonderful site of the white stuff will be with you.

Gianni said...

Geez Mike, you're a poet laureate!

Watch out for Ichabod Crane and the full moon...

Anonymous said...

Autumn leaves? I thought autumn just got here.


Gianni said...

Well then, the leaves are right on time!

Mike Litvin said...

May the bird of paradise drop his Autumn feathers upon you.

Quote from the book "Ichabod Crane and the Full Moon"