Monday, April 18, 2011

Bell Pepper Singing II

"Swanee, how I love, how I love ya..."

Who would have thought bell peppers had so much "character"?
Looks a little like Sammy Davis.


Mike Litvin said...

Pope in The Potato, Mr. Bitter Lemon, Sammy Davis as the Bell Pepper Singing II along with Little Topo Gigio we have The Veggie Four. Can be seen singing nightly in the kitchen of Gianni. Reservations needed call BR 549.

Gianni said...

I like it! The Veggie Four! They'll go platinum - or into a big pot.

Mike Litvin said...

Due to the overwhelming response to tickets and the threat of going into the pot all customers will be searched at the door for pots. Any pots found will be taken and kept until the concert is over at that time you will be given the chance to recover your own pot from the pile there in.
Good Luck

Babs said...

Sammy's lips were WAAAAAY BIGGER. And one of his eyes turned in out and over a lot. But, other than that...quite a resemblance.