Friday, February 25, 2011

Rorschach Test

What's In Your Coffee?

Hermann Rorschach wants to know, "What do you see?"
This one is for you, the viewer! Post your comments as
to what you might see in this dark roasted blend....

But beware. You will be analyzed by psychological
interpretation, complex scientifically designed algorithms, or both.

Rude or crude comments not permitted.

Is this guy handsome, or what?


Mike Litvin said...

If you cock your head a little to the right you'll see Bob Hope and his ski nose.

So let's see does that me a comedian from Cleveland Ohio.

The picture of the guy looks like he drinks what's in the picture above.

Gianni said...

Having an overactive imagination (comes with being an artist) I see a dark skinned man dressed in overalls doing a ritual dance with streamers.

Google "Streamer Dancing" and you'll see what I mean... I hope.